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The Puppet Show — Quick bonding of resources

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☛  September 7, 2013   ❝The Puppet Show — Quick bonding of resources❞

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To avoid modelling simple dependencies between resources using the somewhat tedious and chatty require and notify attributes, the -> and ~> operators can help. They are applicable to any resources that are by nature closely related and thus defined in the same file anyway.

A typical example is a group and a user belonging to it:

class accounts::admins {
    group { 'admin': ensure => 'present' }
    user { 'sysop':
        ensure  => 'present',
        comment => 'now coming with sudo power!',
        gid     => 'users',
        groups  => ['admin',],

You can chain more users belonging to the same group by appending another … -> user {…} construct.

For update notification relationships, ~> does the same thing.

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