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Most of these are currently “work in progress”.
artifactory-debian [Ohloh, free(code), BinTray]
Tools to use Artifactory as a Debian (APT) repository, and deploy DEB packages to it.
cobblestones [docs, Ohloh]
A library of Paver extensions and generally useful task definitions for any Python project.
daqueduct [Ohloh]
Transports data from various sources and over diverse protocols fresh to your application.
jenkyns [docs, Ohloh]
A command line tool that helps with the daily management of your Jenkins jobs.
priscilla [docs]
Scripts for creating omnibus packages for a set of build and administration tools.
jmx4py [Ohloh]
A Python client for the Jolokia JMX agent.
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A home for tools that handle audio (meta-)data and control my hi-fi toys.
rossum [Ohloh]
A collection of Puppet recipes. It's a doll house.

Blog Posts

  September 7, 2013   The Puppet Show — Quick bonding of resources
Shows how to do painless modelling of simple dependencies between Puppet resources, avoiding the somewhat tedious and chatty require and notify attributes.
  September 6, 2013   Integrating the Disqus service into your blog
Add the Disqus service to your blog pages to get comment threads in a few easy steps.
  August 24, 2013   Integrating your GitHub project into Jenkins
Make your integration actually continuous, and automatic…
  August 17, 2013   Grand Opening
How I set up my github pages…