Jürgen Hermann

Pythonista. Writer of docs. DevOps practitioner. Taming distributed systems. Dabbling in data science.

My Projects

Most popular GitHub repositories that I maintain.

:clapper: :mortar_board: An opinionated list of awesome videos related to Python, with a focus on training and gaining hands-on experience.
:wrench: :package: Tools to use Artifactory as a Debian (APT) repository, and dput DEB packages into it, or upload them to Bintray.
Python 42 4
:notebook: :wrench: Augmentation of the "devpi" project with ‘enterprisey’ requirements, configuration, and deployment.
Makefile 29 6
:closed_lock_with_key: Shim to easily install OWASP dependency-check-cli into Python projects
Python 27 8
:hot_pepper: :snake: :package: Jolokia Python Client
Python 24 4
:wrench: :package: Project automation task library for ‘Invoke’ tasks that are needed again and again.
Python 23 3
:construction: [BETA, not feature complete] A Markdown lexer for Pygments to highlight Markdown code snippets.
Python 18 3
:wrench: :octocat: GitHub Commander is a tool to access the GitHub APIv3 from the CLI and automate otherwise tedious tasks.
Python 11 2
:package: Fundamental elements for any Python project, like configuration handling.
Python 8 2
:construction: [WIP] Learning resources and practical tips on how to use Jupyter notebooks for fun & profit.
Jupyter Notebook 7 1
:mortar_board: :panda_face: Records of what I learned while exploring the waters of Data Science (using Python)

My Interests

Focus topics that I continuously try to learn new things about.