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Grand Opening

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☛  August 17, 2013   ❝Grand Opening❞

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Setting up my github pages

Well, this was moderately easy, by combining WDW's jekyll-boilerplate project template for Jekyll with one of the github standard themes.

Here's a rough outline of the necessary steps:

And then what you see here is what you'll get.

Locally serving your site

To avoid the up to 10 minute delay of the github publishing queue, you can install Jekyll locally as root:

apt-get install ruby1.9.1 # on Ubuntu 12.04, your distro may vary
gem install jekyll
gem install rdiscount

Then within your git working directory, start an auto-refreshing Jekyll server process using…

jekyll serve --watch >jekyll.log 2>&1 &

Or even better, copy my script to your project, and just call ./ start.

Now, just save any changes to your posts or layouts, and then reload the instantly rendered result in your browser, pointed at http://localhost:4000/.

Further reading

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