Setting up Jenkyns

Install current development version

To install Jenkyns from source, use these commands:

# Make sure you have the "python-virtualenv" package installed on your machine
mkdir -p ~/bin ~/.config/jenkyns
virtualenv --no-site-packages ~/.config/jenkyns/venv
~/.config/jenkyns/venv/bin/pip install \
    -e git+
ln -nfs ../.config/jenkyns/venv/bin/jenkyns ~/bin

Now try to call jenkyns -h which should print the command help. If the command is not found, ~/bin might not yet be in your path, enter exec $SHELL -l and try to call jenkyns -h again.

On Windows, do something similar. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • locations (map instances names to URLs)
  • job classes (templates)